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Sinterklaas is the largest children's party of the year in the Netherlands! But before the party is celebrated on December 5, the arrival of Sinterklaas and his helpers is first celebrated. All children are waiting on the quay for Pakjesboot 12, in which Sinterklaas and the helpers came to the Netherlands from Spain.

Sinterklaas is celebrated on December 5. On this evening Sinterklaas and his helpers visit every house in the Netherlands to reward children for being good all year round. Then there is a loud banging on the door and there is a linen bag full of presents. For some people they even drop in to celebrate.

To make Sinterklaas a successful party, the right clothing and decoration are of course of great importance. For example, at Folat you will find various help Sint and Piet costumes for both children and adults. Separate accessories such as the staff and the book of Sinterklaas or a Piet beret are also available.

To make the house as beautiful as possible for Sint and Piet, the decoration should not be missing. Decorate the ceiling with bunting and hanging decoration, make bunches with special Sint and Piet balloons and hang a door sign on the front door to welcome them. Prepare a bowl of "pepernoten" and everything is ready for a wonderful evening!


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    Napkins 'Welkom Sint & Piet' (NL) 33x33cm - 20 pieces

    Art. nr. 65692

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    Foil balloon 'Welkom Sint & Piet' - 45 cm

    Art. nr. 66990

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    Balloons 'Welkom Sint & Piet' Multicolour - 6 pieces

    Art. nr. 66991

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    Bunting garland 'Welkom Sint & Piet' - 4 meters

    Art. nr. 66987

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    Window stickers 'Welkom Sint & Piet' (NL)

    Art. nr. 65691

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    Candy boxes 'Welkom Sint & Piet' (NL) 250ml - 5 pieces

    Art. nr. 65693

  • Available soon

    Waving Flag 'Welkom Sint & Piet' (NL) - 30x20 cm

    Art. nr. 65696

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    Wishlists 'Welkom Sint & Piet' (NL) - 4 pieces

    Art. nr. 65697

  • In stock

    Countdown Calendar 'Welkom Sint & Piet' (NL)

    Art. nr. 65698

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    Name Stickers Gift 'Welkom Sint & Piet' (NL)

    Art. nr. 65699

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    Tiara Sinterklaas Beret

    Art. nr. 66989

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    Saint Nicholas Crosier 3 pieces

    Art. nr. 61356

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    Beret various colours

    Art. nr. 07341

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    Saint Nicholas Colouring Garland - 6 m

    Art. nr. 61039

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    The Book of Saint Nicholas

    Art. nr. 61041

  • Available soon

    Saint Nicholas Bunting Garland - 6 m

    Art. nr. 61080

  • Available soon

    Saint Nicholas Letter Banner - 2.30 m

    Art. nr. 61081

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    Saint Nicholas Balloons various colours 30 cm - 8 pieces

    Art. nr. 61082

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    Linen Bag Saint Nicholas - 50x80cm

    Art. nr. 61083

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    Linen Bag Saint Nicholas - 18x25cm

    Art. nr. 61084

  • Available soon

    Window Flag Saint Nicholas - 90x60cm

    Art. nr. 61085

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    Door Sign Saint Nicholas - 58x37cm

    Art. nr. 61086

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    Door Sign Saint Nicholas Coloring - 58x37cm

    Art. nr. 61087

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    Hangers Saint Nicholas - 3 pieces

    Art. nr. 61088

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    Saint Nicholas Waving Flags - 30x20 cm

    Art. nr. 61089

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    Foil Balloon with Base Saint Nicholas - 72 cm

    Art. nr. 61094

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    Gift Bag 'Welkom Sint & Piet' (NL) - 18x25cm

    Art. nr. 65695

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    Deluxe Wig with Pink Braids

    Art. nr. 61057