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The biggest children's party of the year: Sinterklaas! It already starts with the arrival of Sinterklaas, his horse and the Pieten on Pakjesboot 12 from Spain. All the children are anxiously waiting on the quay. Hoping for a hand from Sinterklaas, or even better: a hand full of 'pepernoten'!

On 5 December it is ┬┤Pakjesavond┬┤, also known as 'the wonderful evening'. Then Sinterklaas and the Pieten visit all the children who have been nice (enough) all year and bring them a jute bag containing presents and sweets. They bang hard on the door and leave the bag behind. Sometimes they stop and come in.

This traditional children's party naturally includes the right clothing, accessories and decoration. That is why Folat offers various accessories, such as the staff and the book of Sinterklaas and a 'Piet' beret. We also have extensive Sinterklaas collections with napkins, plates, streamers, balloons, stickers and more. To decorate the home completely in Sinterklaas atmosphere.


An old-fashioned cozy Sinterklaas collection with a warm, cozy appearance. For a wonderful evening with 'pepernoten', poems and a bag full of presents. While it is stormy in autumn outside, Sinterklaas crosses the country on his horse and the Pieten bang on the door of all children, this Sinterklaas collection from Folat makes it extra cozy and atmospheric inside. With name stickers, balloons, flags, candy trays, napkins and more. 



A traditional party in a fresh and cheerful jacket. The brand new Sint and Pieten collection from Folat is for everyone who loves Sinterklaas, Pieten, 'pepernoten' and (receiving) presents. This Sinterklaas collection is playful and colorful. With lots of stickers, streamers, plates, napkins, balloons and tiaras, there is plenty of opportunity for everyone to go wild with the decoration. From the entry to the shoe setting to the wonderful evening.


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    Napkins 'Welkom Sint & Piet' (NL) 33x33cm - 20 pieces

    Art. nr. 65692

  • In stock

    Foil balloon 'Welkom Sint & Piet' - 45 cm

    Art. nr. 66990

  • In stock

    Balloons 'Welkom Sint & Piet' Multicolour - 6 pieces

    Art. nr. 66991

  • In stock

    Bunting garland 'Welkom Sint & Piet' - 4 meters

    Art. nr. 66987

  • In stock

    Window stickers 'Welkom Sint & Piet' (NL)

    Art. nr. 65691

  • In stock

    Candy boxes 'Welkom Sint & Piet' (NL) 250ml - 5 pieces

    Art. nr. 65693

  • In stock

    Waving Flag 'Welkom Sint & Piet' (NL) - 30x20 cm

    Art. nr. 65696

  • In stock

    Wishlists 'Welkom Sint & Piet' (NL) - 4 pieces

    Art. nr. 65697

  • In stock

    Countdown Calendar 'Welkom Sint & Piet' (NL)

    Art. nr. 65698

  • In stock

    Name Stickers Gift 'Welkom Sint & Piet' (NL)

    Art. nr. 65699

  • In stock

    Tiara Sinterklaas Beret

    Art. nr. 66989

  • In stock

    Disposable Plates - Sint en Pieten - 18 cm - 8 pieces

    Art. nr. 65711

  • In stock

    Bunting Garland 'Welkom Sint & Pieten' - Sint en Pieten - 6 meter

    Art. nr. 65708

  • In stock

    Letter Banner 'Welkom Sint & Pieten' - Sint en Pieten - 1.5 meters

    Art. nr. 65709

  • In stock

    Napkins 'Welcome Sint & Pieten' - Sint and Pieten - 12,5 x 12,5 cm - 20 pieces

    Art. nr. 65710

  • In stock

    Tiara Pieten - Sint en Pieten

    Art. nr. 65712

  • In stock

    Name Stickers Gift - Sint en Pieten - 50 pieces

    Art. nr. 65714

  • In stock

    Window stickers 'Welkom Sint & Pieten' - Sint en Pieten - 13 pieces

    Art. nr. 65715

  • In stock

    Stickers Sinterklaas characters - Sint en Pieten - 49 pieces

    Art. nr. 65716

  • In stock

    Calendar - 'Wanneer mag ik mijn schoentje zetten?'- Sint en Pieten

    Art. nr. 65719

  • In stock

    Saint Nicholas Crosier 6 pieces

    Art. nr. 61356

  • In stock

    The Book of Saint Nicholas

    Art. nr. 61041

  • In stock

    Door Sign Saint Nicholas Coloring - 58x37cm

    Art. nr. 61087

  • In stock

    Saint Nicholas Costume Deluxe 10 pieces

    Art. nr. 44569

  • In stock

    Gift Bag 'Welkom Sint & Piet' (NL) - 18x25cm

    Art. nr. 65695

  • In stock

    Deluxe Wig with Pink Braids

    Art. nr. 61057

  • In stock

    Foil Balloon with Base Saint Nicholas - 72 cm

    Art. nr. 61094

  • Available soon

    Beret various colours

    Art. nr. 07341

  • Available soon

    Latex balloons 'Welkom Sint en Pieten' - 23 cm - 12 pieces

    Art. nr. 65718

  • Available soon

    Tiara Sinterklaas - Sint en Pieten

    Art. nr. 65713