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Bumba is the happiest clown in Belgium and the Netherlands. In a circus full of color and play, he and his friends perform all kinds of tricks. Bumba is a Flemish TV program for toddlers, created by Jan Maillard and produced by Studio 100. For years, Bumba has been a very popular character on television, but certainly also at birthday parties. Folat offers exclusive Bumba party supplies, such as party bags, bubble blowers, flag lines, plates, cups, napkins, tablecloths and more. Order directly from stock.


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    Bumba Clown Birthday Disposable Cups 250 ml - 8 pieces

    Art. nr. 29501

  • In stock

    Bumba Clown Napkins - 20 pieces

    Art. nr. 29502

  • In stock

    Bumba Clown Table Cloth - 130x180 cm

    Art. nr. 29503

  • In stock

    Bumba Clown Gift Bags - 8 pieces

    Art. nr. 29504

  • In stock

    Bumba Clown Letter Banner - 3 m

    Art. nr. 29506

  • In stock

    Bumba Clown Bunting Garland Square - 10 m

    Art. nr. 29507

  • In stock

    Bumba Clown Invitations - 8 pieces

    Art. nr. 29510

  • In stock

    Bumba Clown Soap Bubbles

    Art. nr. 29519

  • Available soon

    Bumba Clown Foil Balloon Guitar - 46 cm

    Art. nr. 29514

  • In stock

    Bumba Clown Banner Letter

    Art. nr. 50436