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Which child doesn't love dressing up? That way, a child can fully empathize with a particular character. From a princess dress to a pirate costume. At Folat you will find children's costumes suitable for different festive occasions and themes.

Costumes for boys and girls

In our assortment you can find many suits and dresses for girls. For example, a girl can dress up as a beautiful princess or fairy, but also as a plumber, pirate or superhero. There are also many nice costumes for boys. Think of clothing for tough professions such as firefighter, boxer or astronaut, but also funny costumes such as Olaf from Frozen or one of the Minions. There is also clothing that both boys and girls can wear. Take a look at our capes and foam suits for example.




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  • In stock

    Orange Princess Dress for Girls - Children's size S 98-116

    Art. nr. 30987

  • In stock

    Clone Trooper Costume Deluxe - Size S

    Art. nr. 883201R-S

  • In stock

    Finding Dory Foam Suit Costume for Children - Size 116

    Art. nr. 620672R-M

  • In stock

    Witch Dress with Hat Dark Moon - Children’s size S

    Art. nr. 63435

  • In stock

    Witch Dress with Hat Dark Moon - Children’s size M

    Art. nr. 63436

  • In stock

    Cape Dark Moon - Children's size S

    Art. nr. 63437

  • In stock

    Cape Dark Moon - Children's size M

    Art. nr. 63438

  • Available soon

    Witch Dress - Children's size S

    Art. nr. 23680

  • Available soon

    Scarecrow Suit for Children - Size 98 -116

    Art. nr. 63274