Traditionally, Halloween is mainly celebrated in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. Meanwhile, the party has also gained popularity in other parts of the world, especially in Europe!

The name "Halloween" is derived from Hallow-e'en, or All Hallows Eve, the night before All Saints' Day, November 1. In the Celtic calendar, the year started on November 1, so October 31 was New Year's Eve. The harvest was then in, the seed for the following year was ready and so there was time for a day off, the Celtic New Year.

At Folat we have a wide range to organize Halloween parties. After all, Halloween is even more complete by filling the room with scary Halloween decorations. Skeletons, bats and glow in the dark spider webs for the wall and party tableware for a creepy table. Everything for a terrifying day / evening!


How to decorate

Halloween is the time to go big with decorating. We have the usual Halloween products for this, but did you know that balloons are also very popular at these types of parties / events? See how to create a Halloween style balloon arch here.

Black & White

The black and white theme is completely on-trend. At Halloween we think of black scary spiders and white ghosts. We bring all this together with balloons, flag lines, honeycombs and other decorations.


Golden Witch

Halloween screams black, but with this Golden Witch line we combine dark black with shiny gold! Witches, black cats and golden goblets make a Halloween party one to scare with class. 

Halloween is incomplete without costumes. We offer complete Halloween Horror outfits for adults and children. An original offer during Halloween?

This is possible! There is plenty of Halloween clothing for boys, girls, men and women. From creepy ghost to zombie hunter. Complete the range of Halloween costumes with the special Halloween wigs and horror masks.

Transform your store, webshop to the total Halloween feel and make sure everyone is ready to get scared! 


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    Voodoo Mask Latex

    Art. nr. 23836

  • In stock

    Butcher Apron with Bloodstains Halloween

    Art. nr. 23725

  • In stock

    Glasses Harry the Wizard Orange

    Art. nr. 30528

  • In stock

    Lantern Bat

    Art. nr. 50501

  • Available soon

    Lantern Ghost

    Art. nr. 50543

  • In stock

    Lantern Skull

    Art. nr. 50580

  • In stock

    Mask Marilyn XXL

    Art. nr. 61360

  • In stock

    Mask Devil XXL

    Art. nr. 61361

  • In stock

    Mask Baby XXL

    Art. nr. 61363

  • In stock

    Children’s Mask Devil

    Art. nr. 61364

  • Available soon

    Children’s Mask Spider-Man

    Art. nr. 61366

  • Available soon

    Children’s Mask Pink Cat

    Art. nr. 61367

  • In stock

    Red Dragon Head Mask

    Art. nr. 61369

  • In stock

    Dinosaur Head Mask

    Art. nr. 61370

  • In stock

    Devil Dress with Spiderwebs 4 pieces for Girls - Size M

    Art. nr. 61405

  • In stock

    Devil Suit with Spiderwebs and Cape for Boys - Size M 116-134

    Art. nr. 61407

  • In stock

    Wig Holder

    Art. nr. 00548

  • In stock

    Glasses Harry the Wizard

    Art. nr. 00784

  • In stock

    Accordion Lantern Fantasy - 16 cm

    Art. nr. 04809

  • In stock

    Accordion Lantern Scary Ghost - 16 cm

    Art. nr. 04821

  • In stock

    Round Lantern Pumpkin - 22 cm

    Art. nr. 50542

  • In stock

    Dinosaur Mask

    Art. nr. 61368

  • In stock

    Bunting Garland Ghost - 10 m

    Art. nr. 07098

  • Available soon

    Bunting Garland Spiderweb - 10 m

    Art. nr. 07099

  • In stock

    Witch Nose with Wart

    Art. nr. 07616

  • Available soon

    Black Spiders - 25 pieces

    Art. nr. 07617

  • In stock

    Halloween Pumpkin Balloons 30 cm - 8 pieces

    Art. nr. 08242

  • In stock

    Halloween Balloons 30 cm - 8 pieces

    Art. nr. 08244

  • In stock

    Black Confetti 1 kg

    Art. nr. 08931

  • In stock

    Black Confetti 100 g

    Art. nr. 08961

  • In stock

    Leggings Metallic Black S-M

    Art. nr. 61710

  • In stock

    Leggings Metallic Black L-XL

    Art. nr. 61711

  • In stock

    Inflatable Syringe - 63 cm

    Art. nr. 20262

  • In stock

    Inflatable Thermometer - 57 cm

    Art. nr. 20263

  • In stock

    Inflatable Trident - 90 cm

    Art. nr. 20266

  • In stock

    Tiara Devil Horns Red

    Art. nr. 21774

  • In stock

    Day of the Dead Glitter Skeleton Dress for Woman - Size S-M

    Art. nr. 21926

  • In stock

    Day of the Dead Glitter Skeleton Dress for Woman - Size L-XL

    Art. nr. 21927

  • In stock

    Bloody Surgeon Costume - Size M-L

    Art. nr. 21980

  • In stock

    Bloody Surgeon Costume - Size XL- XXL

    Art. nr. 21981

  • In stock

    Trident 3 pieces

    Art. nr. 23515

  • In stock

    Barricade Tape Horror Zone - 15 m

    Art. nr. 23535

  • In stock

    Foil Fringe Door Black - 2x1 m

    Art. nr. 23536

  • In stock

    Witch Hat Classic

    Art. nr. 23542

  • In stock

    Black Vampire Cape with LED Collar for Adults

    Art. nr. 23553

  • In stock

    Black Vampire Cape with LED Collar for Children

    Art. nr. 23554

  • Available soon

    Spiderweb with 6 Spiders - 20 g

    Art. nr. 23559

  • In stock

    Tiara Bat Wings

    Art. nr. 23607

  • In stock

    Glow in the Dark Spiders - 50 pieces

    Art. nr. 23615

  • In stock

    Barricade Tape Danger - Keep Out - 15 m

    Art. nr. 23666

  • In stock

    Witch Dress Gypsy - Children’s size 116-134

    Art. nr. 23679

  • Available soon

    Spiderweb with 6 Spiders - 100 g

    Art. nr. 23683

  • In stock

    Spiderweb with 6 Black Spiders - 500 g

    Art. nr. 23684

  • In stock

    Skeleton Costume various colours - Children's size M

    Art. nr. 23706

  • In stock

    3D Door Sign Blood Cafe Halloween

    Art. nr. 23721

  • In stock

    Vampire Cape Halloween Red-Black Reversible

    Art. nr. 23723

  • In stock

    Bloody Halloween Doctor's White Coat for Adults

    Art. nr. 23724

  • In stock

    Skeleton Dress Black for Women - Size S-M

    Art. nr. 23730

  • In stock

    Skeleton Dress Black for Women - Size L-XL

    Art. nr. 23731

  • In stock

    Zombie Nurse Costume - Size S-M

    Art. nr. 23732

  • In stock

    Zombie Nurse Costume - Size M-L

    Art. nr. 23733

  • In stock

    Sexy Halloween Devil Dress - Size M-L

    Art. nr. 23735

  • In stock

    Huge Spider - 90 cm

    Art. nr. 23738

  • In stock

    Tiara with Devil Horns LED

    Art. nr. 23743

  • Available soon

    Garland Horror Tools - 1.80 m

    Art. nr. 23747

  • In stock

    Inflatable Skeleton - 78 cm

    Art. nr. 23759

  • In stock

    Inflatable Ghost - 52 cm

    Art. nr. 23760

  • In stock

    Inflatable Club Caveman - 65 cm

    Art. nr. 23762

  • In stock

    Halloween Tiara with Spider

    Art. nr. 23766

  • In stock

    LED Suspenders with Bloodstains

    Art. nr. 23768

  • In stock

    Bob Wig Black

    Art. nr. 26690

  • In stock

    Wig Long Hair Black with Fringe

    Art. nr. 26704