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Piñatas are often seen at children's birthdays these days. Sometimes as decoration, but sometimes also as a game element. The piñata is then filled with candy, confetti and possibly small gifts, after which it is hung. The birthday boy or girl hits the piñata blindfolded and as soon as the pinata breaks, all kinds of candies and confetti fall out. A piñata is therefore made of cardboard and / or papier-mâché, so that it breaks more easily. The cheerful, bright colors are also characteristic of piñata.

At Folat you will find a diverse range of pinatas: from numbers to a unicorn or dinosaur. This way there is always a suitable piñata. Of course the blindfold and pinata stick can also be ordered from Folat. View the complete range below.



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  • Temporarily unavailable

    Pinata Dinosaur - 55 cm

    Art. nr. 60932

  • Temporarily unavailable

    Pinata Unicorn - 42x55 cm

    Art. nr. 60921

  • In stock

    Pinata Blindfold

    Art. nr. 60930

  • In stock

    Pinata Stick - 59 cm

    Art. nr. 60931

  • In stock

    Pinata Number 2 - 49 cm

    Art. nr. 60942

  • Temporarily unavailable

    Pinata Fire Engine - 55x30 cm

    Art. nr. 60933

  • Temporarily unavailable

    Pinata Number 9 - 49 cm

    Art. nr. 60949

  • In stock

    Pinata Sun - 39cm

    Art. nr. 60936

  • Available soon

    Pinata Dino Roars - 45x50cm

    Art. nr. 68374

  • Available soon

    Pinata Unicorns & Rainbows - 45x50cm

    Art. nr. 68373

  • Available soon

    Pinata Zoo Party - 50x48cm

    Art. nr. 68375

  • Available soon

    Pinata Monster Bash - 50x40cm

    Art. nr. 68376