We have an extensive range of foil balloons and latex balloons. You can contact us for number balloons, but also balloons with nice festive prints for special moments, such as a birthday, birth or wedding. To decorate spaces with a ‘wow’ factor, we also have various balloons in the range such as confetti balloons, knot balloon chains and balloons that are suitable for helium. Folat sells BalloonGaz for helium balloons. The BalloonGaz tanks contain compressed helium and are thus available in small tanks which are advantageous in storage and transport costs.


  • Balloon Gel - 150ml

    Art. nr. 25801

  • Balloon Gel - 720ml

    Art. nr. 25802

  • Heart-shaped Balloons White - 100 pieces

    Art. nr. 08098

  • Orange Balloons 30 cm - 100 pieces

    Art. nr. 08105