Every celebration must be celebrated! And decoration is part of a party. There are two types of party decoration: the room decoration and the party tableware.

Decorating the room

When the party location is decorated, this immediately creates a cozy atmosphere. Think of bunting from one side of the room to the other, bunches of balloons and honeycombs hanging from the ceiling everywhere. Of course there is much more decoration, such as pompoms, lanterns, serpentines and pinatas.

Party tableware

Usually cake is also served at a party. So it is also useful to have party tableware. Think of plates, cups, napkins and tablecloths. Ideal because it can be thrown away after use.

Party decoration for every occasion

While there are plenty of party decorations out there that can be used for any party occasion, it is sometimes nice to use decorations for a special theme. At Folat you will also find a huge range for this. Think for example of our retirement line, elegant wedding decoration or communion decoration. There is already a lot of choice for birthdays. This makes it possible to find special party decorations for almost any age, especially for special and important ages. For example 18 years, 30 years, 50 years or even 100 years!

All kinds of special themes are often invented for children's birthdays. For example, it could be a jungle theme, using inflatable palm trees and safari animals as decoration. Still, the classic themes such as football, princess or pirate always remain popular. But a child can also be crazy about a certain series or movie, such as Frozen, Paw Petrol or Star Wars. At Folat you will find party decorations of various licenses.

So whatever the party occasion, there is plenty to choose from at Folat!


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    Bunting Garland Gold Metallic Mat - 6m

    Art. nr. 65873

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    Balloons with Dots and Stars Confetti 30 cm - 4 pieces

    Art. nr. 08585

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    Party Set Happy New Year Glitter - 27 pieces

    Art. nr. 04450

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    Confetti Cannon Gold XS - 28cm

    Art. nr. 62904


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    Letter Banner 'Vive les Mariés'

    Art. nr. 21106

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    Letter Banner 'Recién Casados'

    Art. nr. 21206

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    Bunting Garland 'Recién Casados'

    Art. nr. 21207

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    Barricade Tape 'Recién Casados' - 15 meter

    Art. nr. 21226

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    Paper Garland Champagne White - 6 m

    Art. nr. 21273

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    Paper Garland Champagne Silver - 3 m

    Art. nr. 21274

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    Baby Shower Balloons 8 pieces

    Art. nr. 60955

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    Holy Communion XL Red - 90 cm - 2 pieces

    Art. nr. 22053

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    Banner '3x Toeteren' - 180 x 40 cm

    Art. nr. 22630

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    Flag England - 150x100cm

    Art. nr. 32804