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DIY Christmas tree from balloons

Balloons can of course be used for any party occasion. So even at Christmas it is possible to make the most beautiful creations. Surprise your customers with this homemade eye-catching Christmas tree made of balloons! Read all about supplies and how to put them together here.

  1. Provide all materials: balloon pillar, balloon pump, balloon gel and balloons in the desired colors. Tip: for an extra festive effect, we recommend adding mirror or chrome balloons.
  2. Get the balloon pillar ready.
  3. Blow up the balloons in various sizes for a playful effect.
  4. Make a garland of balloons. Start by tying 4 balloons together and build on as you would for a balloon arch. Make sure the balloon garland is the same length as the height of the balloon pillar.
  5. To keep the Christmas tree stable and upright, the balloon pillar should be in the center of the balloon garland. Gently twist or fold the garland around it.
  6. Make clusters of 2/3 balloons and attach them to the balloon garland (or possibly with ribbon / wire to the pillar). There will of course be more clusters at the bottom of the Christmas tree than at the top to create the shape of the tree.
  7. Fill the holes in the Christmas tree with the small 13 cm balloons.




  • Make a bow from a modeling balloon to decorate gifts! 
  • No room for a big balloon tree? Make a cloud or Christmas wreath.
  • Add a door curtain for an even more festive effect. Hang it on the cloud or cut the strings loose and wrap them around the tree or wreath.

Ballonnen krans

Maak uw eigen ballonnen kerstkrans, ballonnen lichtslinger of een mega ballonnen kerstbal! 


Ballonnen lichtslinger


Ballonnen Kerstbal


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Balloon Tree

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