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Special moments should be celebrated. These moments are so special because they often only happen once in a person's life. Consider, for example, a 50 year Abraham or Sarah birthday, someone who is retiring or a 25th anniversary. Such a special event is of course celebrated with all kinds of matching decorations.


Creating the right atmosphere during a wedding is very important. The decoration plays an important role in this. From streamers, honeycombs and lanterns to the table confetti and name cards. At Folat you will find a huge range of wedding party decorations.


There are many different anniversaries to celebrate: from a 25-year marriage anniversary to a 100-year anniversary of a company. While every year is worth celebrating, there are always certain milestones that are extra special. When we marry, we have special names for this, such as copper for 12.5 years, silver for 25 years and gold for 50 years. For each milestone there is therefore a festive decoration in the matching color.


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Special moments

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