You now have the possibility to scan our products in store or from our brochure on your own mobile device just by logging in on our website! Scan the EAN and order.

Order convenience with mobile scanning

Check out the movie and find out how easy ordering is.

Ø  Login

We only offer the scan possibility after login. This functionality is for our customer who can only order with an account and has a price agreement.

Ø  Go to the scan icon

Ø  Accept access to your camera

Ø  Scan your product

Scan the barcode on your product and find it in the catalogue of our web shop. Wait till you see the red line scanline. The scanner will recognize the product within seconds. While waiting you’ll see blue dots.

Ø  Product found – Quick view

You can find the following information: Net. Customer price, amount, availability, item number, shopping basket button - Add to basket. If you need more product info, you can always go to the product.

Ø  Add/ change quantity

You can change the quantity you would like to order on the quickview or in your basket. You can only add a multiple of the quantity shown.

Ø  Add to basket

When you’ve added the product you will get a message and the possibility to scan again or go to your basket.



Not found: The product you searched for is not found. Products that are not Folat or out-of-stock items due to being discontinued are not shown on our web shop. This means you will not find these by scanning.


Temporarily sold out: When out of stock we show this on the quickview. Go to product -> and enter your e-mail address and receive an notification when the item back on stock.


Placing an order is as you know it. Order, select address, agree terms of service, choose payment method, place order and you are done.

Finished with scanning your re-stock items? Want to add more (new) items? You can leave your basket and come back whenever you want. Just login to your account and add any product you’d like on mobile or desktop.atsen.