Grow your business with Folat!

Who we are

Folat is a supplier of party items for shopkeepers. Since 1993, we have been supplying shops with a complete range of party items and each year we develop many new products with trendy designs for various themes and licences. Folat supplies products to shops and customers throughout Europe.

Folat delivers to large online retailers in the party shopping and festive segment in Europe, we also work together with large online platforms. Our strength is our focus on cooperation with B2C channels and delivery of a complete package of online services to relieve you of all your worries: from content, data and stock feeds to merchandising, logistics and packaging.

How can we help you grow your business?


Content: product enrichment is very important for you as an online retailer. We have a dedicated content team that is committed to enriching our products as complete as possible and applying a high standard in doing so. Think of commercial product texts and unique selling points but also safety regulations, dimensions and weight.

Photography: photography makes the difference online, we supply all products with high quality images, standard 4 images per product. These are available through a digital asset management system (DAM) on which you can choose the photo yourself and download it in high res. In addition to pack shots, we also supply atmospheric images, for example for banners etc.

Assortment & merchandising: Our assortment is perfectly suited for online sales, since we have our own stock, we can deliver quickly and are able to look at how we can best sell each product (e.g. multiple pieces in one package, making the selling price and margin more interesting). In addition, we will work with you to put together a range that suits your customers best, and together we will evaluate the sales results so that we can make timely adjustments and keep the range up to date. The Folat range is unique in the online industry and distinguishes itself by authenticity and price/quality ratio.

Packaging: in our product development, we specifically make sure that the way of packaging is suitable for the online account, so that our products are also suitable for online shipping.

Concepts: Continuously up to date information about content, prices, bundling & promotions.

Data feeds: we access our data (content, photography, assortment, stock, etc.) via various portal options and look at what best suits your organisation (e.g. DAM, API, EDI). our technical team examines what kind of connection best suits the specific needs for each partner.


High Quality products: Folat is member of BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), EBPC (European Balloon and Party Council), CEN (European Committee for Standardization), NEN

(Dutch Standardisation Institute), TIE (Toy Industries of Europe), FTA (Foreign Trade Association) en PARTYSAFE. Folat is bound by these organisations, because we supply products of a high standard and we are committed to society.