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Do you have a webshop and/or do you sell via online platforms such as Amazon? Then you have come to the right place as an online customer. Folat has a lot of experience and knowledge in the online field. We would like to help you to grow your business by selling our party products. We will explain how we can do this via the examples below.



A picture is worth a thousand words. A product photo is the first thing a customer looks at online. The item must be of high quality. As a customer, you can download all kinds of images for free in our Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. This system contains product photos, but also mood images and videos. All assets are of course in high resolution so that you will never suffer from blurry images on your website. As a customer you can easily and quickly download this image material as soon as you have received an account for the DAM system. The system is available 24/7, so you can download the images at any time.


Clear product description

A clear description of the item is just as important as the photos. What exactly is in a package and how many pieces? Or what material is the item made of? A good description answers all these questions. Folat has a Product Information Management (PIM) system. This is where all the specifications of a product are stored: from color to what exactly is in a package. We also offer commercial titles and descriptions in 8 (!) different languages. As a customer you can request free exports of all this content of our articles.

Data feeds

In addition to content exports, it is also possible to supply various data feeds. A stock feed for example, so that you know exactly how many pieces we still have in stock of each article in our webshop. We will go through the various data feeds with you as a customer so that they match your needs.

Order quickly and easily

It is important for your customer that it is easy to place an order. But we understand that this is just as important for you as a Folat customer. If you receive a request or order and you do not have enough stock / no more stock, you want to be able to order this instantly. As a customer, you can order the necessary items quickly and easily via our webshop 24/7. Due to the personalized prices and the pre-filled minimum order quantity per product, no mistakes can be made.

Once you become more familiar with our items, you can order even faster with our speed order function. Fill in a CSV file with the article number in one column and the number of pieces in the next column. Drag the file to 'Speed order' in the webshop and the items will be placed in your shopping cart instantly.

Good concepts

In addition to all the reasons we mentioned above, it is of course also important that the party products look good. Folat follows all trends and developments in the party industry and processes them into beautiful concepts. Both the type of products and the packaging are considered. Every year we add hundreds of new items to our assortment. Not only for birthdays, but also for anniversaries, weddings and other celebrations!


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