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Clothing and accessories

From a bachelor party to carnival, we offer clothing accessories for various parties and themes. In addition to the usual dress-up moments such as Oktoberfest or Carnival, it is increasingly common for people to dress up for other festive occasions. At Folat, you will find costumes and accessories matching all such festive and themes, such as Christmas, Halloween or a birthday. Think of a banana suit, animal jackets or a Santa Claus suit. It takes only a few festive accessories, such as a hat, suspenders or tiara, and the party guest is ready for the Gay Pride or football matches, to name a few.

Clothing and Accessories

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  • Trilby Black Metallic with LED and Glitter

    Art. nr. 24070

  • Trilby Silver with LED and Glitter

    Art. nr. 24071

  • Trilby Gold with Led and Glitter

    Art. nr. 24072

  • Pilot Glasses with Black Lenses

    Art. nr. 24786

  • Deluxe Wig Victoria Natural Fuchsia

    Art. nr. 26505

  • 80S jogging suit for men 3 pieces - Size M-L

    Art. nr. 63363

  • 80s jogging suit for men 3 pieces - Size XL- XXL

    Art. nr. 63364

  • Neon Pink Mesh Tights

    Art. nr. 63561

  • Cardboard Cowboy Hat USA

    Art. nr. 24904

  • Black Cowboy Hat Lips

    Art. nr. 24905

  • Pink Cowboy Hat Lips

    Art. nr. 24906

  • Pink Police Suspenders Adults

    Art. nr. 64545

  • Black Tuxedo Suspenders with Bow Tie Adults

    Art. nr. 64546

  • Clown Suspenders with Bow Tie Adults

    Art. nr. 64547

  • Rainbow coloured Panther Suspenders

    Art. nr. 64549

  • Hawaii Headband Pink Deluxe

    Art. nr. 09152

  • Tiara Skeleton Heart

    Art. nr. 21524

  • Tiara Glitter Skull Silver

    Art. nr. 21525

  • Tiara Witch Hat with Feather

    Art. nr. 21526

  • Tiara Top Hat Purple with Skull

    Art. nr. 21527

  • Tiara Glitter Pumpkin

    Art. nr. 21528

  • Knee Highs White with Blood

    Art. nr. 23790

  • Mask Scary Pumpkin Orange

    Art. nr. 23838

  • Mask Creepy Woman with Blue Hair

    Art. nr. 23839