Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! Lights are burning everywhere and in almost every house there is a decorated Christmas tree with all kinds of presents underneath. On December 25 and 26, most people go to family to celebrate this Christmas together.

At Folat you will find Christmas costumes for the whole family. A Santa suit for men or boys and a Christmas dress for women or girls. Combine the costumes with fun Christmas accessories. There are suspenders for men and tiaras or angel wings for women. Of course, a Santa hat always works well! All available in the classic Christmas colors.

There is also all kinds of Christmas decorations. Beautiful honeycombs such as the red Christmas bells that quickly add a Christmas atmosphere to the house. Or think of fun foil balloons to give to loved ones to wish them a happy Christmas. Of course it is also possible to make your own Christmas decoration from party items! Consider, for example, a Christmas tree made of balloons. Read our DIY to make it yourself!


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    Christmas Elf Dress for Women - Size S-M

    Art. nr. 63390

  • In stock

    Christmas Elf Dress for Women - Size L-XL

    Art. nr. 63391

  • In stock

    Tiara Christmas Tree with Presents

    Art. nr. 04782

  • In stock

    Tiara Christmas Trees

    Art. nr. 04783

  • In stock

    Christmas Tie with LED

    Art. nr. 61911

  • In stock

    Suspenders Christmas Green with Reindeer

    Art. nr. 04788

  • In stock

    Christmas Pointed Hat Red-Green with Glitter

    Art. nr. 24102

  • In stock

    Christmas Pointed Hat Leopard

    Art. nr. 24103

  • In stock

    Honeycomb Christmas Tree - 30 cm

    Art. nr. 60482

  • In stock

    Balloon Christmas Pictures

    Art. nr. 18428-01A

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    Bubbles Balloon Christmas 'Merry Christmas!' - 56 cm

    Art. nr. 43434Q

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    Bubbles Balloon Christmas Penguins - 56 cm

    Art. nr. 43438Q

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    Hat Christmas Tree Green with Golden Star

    Art. nr. 04792

  • In stock

    Tiara Christmas with Bow Tie and Bells

    Art. nr. 04795

  • Available soon

    Helium Cylinder Balloongaz 30 'Christmas' with Balloons and Ribbon

    Art. nr. 25220

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    Christmas Letter Banner - 3 m

    Art. nr. 08855

  • In stock

    Christmas Door Sign

    Art. nr. 08861