Whether we celebrate our birthday, an anniversary or the summer. Everyone wants a nice matching party service with this. There is something to find for every occasion, from summer, theme, uni to aged.

Biodegradable Party Tableware:

Paper plates without plastic lamination


• they are not laminated with plastic film

• they are recyclable in the paper flow

Grass paper plates

The board of the board is made from 30% -35% grass and 65% -70% FSC certified paper


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Party tableware & cutlery

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    Sweet 16 Disposable Plates - 8 pieces

    Art. nr. 61150

  • In stock

    Sweet 16 Napkins - 20 pieces

    Art. nr. 61152

  • In stock

    Sweet 16 Table Cloth - 130x180 cm

    Art. nr. 61153

  • In stock

    Minnie Mouse Happy Birthday Napkins - 20 pieces

    Art. nr. 87864P

  • In stock

    Minnie Mouse Happy Birthday Table Cloth - 120x180 cm

    Art. nr. 87865P

  • In stock

    Plates Paper Compostable Minnie Mouse Helpers 24cm - 8 pieces

    Art. nr. 93172P

  • In stock

    Cups Minnie Mouse Happy 200ml - 8 pieces

    Art. nr. 93559P

  • In stock

    Paper Plates FSC Minnie Mouse Helpers 23cm - 8 pieces

    Art. nr. 93439P