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With a product range of more than 10.000 items and 800 new products every year, we like to organise promotions and excellent product presentations together. Teamwork will generate growth, let's grow together!

Let’s create every party together.

Why work with Folat? Why not!

big plusses,
big smiles

  • Large and complete assortment
  • The latest product trends
  • Identical packaging design for all product groups resulting in a neat and consistent look on the shelf
  • Compact packaging which generates a high margin per cm2
  • Qualitative and tested products. Many of our products are flame retardant
  • Our products have eye for detail: bright colors, length of garlands, double side printed, easy to attach decoration, special button on our clothing, etc.
  • Extensive product and market knowledge
  • All products on stock
  • Fast and reliable logistical performance
  • Webshop with stock and personalized price information
  • Multilingual Customer service department (English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Dutch)
  • Why not?

Become a Customer

  • Register by filling in the new customer form and we’ll contact you with the terms and conditions relevant for your country, or contact our office for one of our sales persons.
  • Initial orders will be paid upfront. Repeat orders will be paid with SEPA.
  • After receiving your first order, we’ll create and send your customer ID and login credentials for our webshop.

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The name Folat comes from
Foil and Latex (balloons) because we started our business with these products.
It is also one of the B-vitamins which is used as a supplement by pregnant women, but we have nothing to do with that!